Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I am seriously hoping that I feel well enough to make it to Spring Fling this year, so in case I do, I want my treat!

Calling all Bosley women

Anyone that knows my family know that in the Spring we go on a vacation with just the women. That includes my mom, my sisters, my mom sister's and their kids and my grandma's sisters and their kids. We call this exodus Spring Fling. In honor of Spring Fling I am starting a tag. Anyone who gets tagged and answers will get a special treat.

3 favorite spring fling memories/stories

1. Endless stories about Bob Sacamano...does anyone actually know Bob Sacamano?
2. Learning that not all girls look the same...down there...
3. Hearing about when my grandma and her sisters were teenagers and tried to smoke the used cigarette butts and how they deflated the car tires and drove across the train tracks on the bridge.

3 things I am most looking forward to

1. Nachos at 1:00 a.m...and then again at 1:30...and 1:45.
2. Toe Touches at 2:00 a.m...after 3 rounds of nachos.
3. Seeing all of the people that I don't get to see nearly often enough.
4. I also took the liberty of adding a 4th. I am seriously looking forward to a spring fling when I am not pregnant or don't have a baby with me...Looks like 2012 might be my year :)

3 things that will definitely be in my suitcase

1. ALL maternity clothes...because as sad as it is only being 11 weeks along, I look like I could deliver these babies next month :(
2. Zofran, Tums, Unisom, and, fun for me!
3. A extra blanket-I have been burned before and I am not sleeping under a towel this year.

Lisa pretty much tagged everyone, but I am also excited to hear the answers :)


Lisa B. said...

Oh how times have changed. Rememeber when we wouldn't travel without a suitcase dedicated to "bathroom stuff" and at least one flirty skirt? Now my bathroom bag is full of diapes and extra baby clothes and my flirty skirt is now sweats. The funny thing is I thought I was happy in a short skirt and nice hair, too bad it doesn't compare to a pony tail and mom jeans.

monica said...

Bob Sacamano! Oh, Bob. He's that guy. He lived across the street from Liz. You know? Me neither.

Nachos. Isn't it funny that this made all of our lists? Love it. We must be related.

I hope, hope, hope that you are feeling well enough to come! It wouldn't be the same without you.

Delibette said...

Hope you feel better so you can go and enjoy Spring Fling with your girls. Sounds way fun!!!

Laura Essig said...

that is sweet.. the essigs need to do more girl stuff.. have so much fun!!!