Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Zacc and I celebrated our two year anniversary by going to dinner at the Mandarin. The food was fabulous, as always, and we had a wonderful time. I hear people rave about PF Changs all the time, but I would choose the Mandarin over PF Changs anyday. The only bummer of the deal is that I got really sick this weekend and couldn't take care of Macey, so my sweet husband took care of her all weekend. He has horrible allergies and took some benadryl before offering to wake up and feed her in the middle of the night. I felt so bad for Zacc, he was exhausted but took care of Macey without ever complaining so I could get some rest and start feeling better. The two of them were supposed to be having awake time together when I came around the corner to find this...

It was the cutest thing to see the two most important people in my life all snuggled up on the couch. My first thought was to wake them, but instead I decided to be grateful that I have a husband who is so willing to help and snap a couple of pictures instead.

When I think back about mine and Zacc's dating experience I can't believe how lucky I am that he stuck around. I was never one of those girls who fell head over heels in love on the first date and "just knew" we were supposed to be married the second I saw him. It took me a long time to decide that Zacc was the guy I needed to marry. Often times I think about how happy I am and what a great father and husband he is and wonder why he waited around for me to figure it all out. Well, I am not sure either, but I am sure glad he stuck around. Happy Anniversary Love, thanks for all you do and for loving me even when I don't deserve it...which is probably too often. I love you tons and am looking forward to many more anniversaries to come.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Major Hook Up

Zacc's dad is a professional photographer and took these cute pictures of Macey. He is amazing and we are so lucky to have someone in the family with so much talent. He is always so willing to be of service and will spend as much time as necessary and do whatever we want. Thanks for the photo shoot Ravell...and for being so talented!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Macey is 2 and a half weeks old and I can hardly believe it. It has gone by so fast and at the same time it seems like forever ago that I had her. I am trying to get used to not far it's not going well. The first week of her life I was a wreck and cried to Zacc at least once a day. Although I still feel immensely overwhelmed, it's starting to get better. I can't believe how much I love this little girl (even when she is screaming and won't go to sleep). She is actually a really good baby, Zacc and I are really lucky. Here are some of the many pictures we have been taking! The first is Macey and Luke Rammell at a pool party. Next, is Macey sleeping, and last is Zacc feeding Macey her first bottle :)