Saturday, March 14, 2009

Got Talent?

Okay, so I don't really have that many talents and am always amazed when people are super crafty or talented, but I thought I would share some of my friends and families talents with you (because if you don't have talents of your own, the next best thing is knowing people who do...right?)

My cousin Annie used to make up stories to tell her younger brother and he absolutely loved them. Turns out that a publishing company loved her stories too (as well as Barnes and Noble) and she is now a published author. Her husband illustrated the fun book and it's AWESOME. It's called "Harold the Duck" and it's about all these cool things that Harold does, like surfing, snowboarding, etc. Anyways, check it out!

In my last post there is a picture of a wedding present that Zacc's friend did for us. It's called scratchboard and it's amazing. I have seen him do it with various pictures, and they all look incredible. It takes forever to do one, but he has some for sell and I am sure he would do one for you if you gave him a picture. I have seen some of children and they are so detailed. I am hoping he will do one of Macey for us. Check out his artwork here

Oh yeah, and my other cousin, Heidi Mount, just replaced Claudia Schiffer as the new face of Chanel. Yeah, she is a big time model in New York and super successful. There are some talented people out there...some seriously talented people.

Looks like I need to start working on my talent...whatever that might be :)


erik and annie said...

hey shelly thank you so much for the wonderful compliment!!! we just found out that our book is for sale at barns and noble. so we changed our button so that it takes you to
(it is cheaper!!!) thanks again and i can't wait to see you next week.

Elise & Ty said...

Replacing Claudia Schiffer, huh? Is that all? WOW. You let me know when you start looking for your talents...I need to find mine too. :) Although - I KNOW you've got lots. Let me know if you'd like a list.

erik and annie said...

hey, i think you might have only copied part of the code for that button...