Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanks to Lindsey and Lisa for the fun tag!

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4 Things I did yesterday

- Ate myself sick at two Thanksgiving dinners!

- Put up some Christmas decorations and wondered where the heck I got half of them.

- Hoped that I could fit into a pair of pre-pregnacy jeans...I could get them on, but let's just say it wasn't pretty folks.

- Debated whether or not to wake up at 4:00 am and go shopping with my family...(I wisely decided against it).

4 things I look forward to

- A vacation to somewhere warm or a Caribbean cruise

- Summer! I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but after those holidays I would be so happy if it got warm again sometime before April.

- A house (I love our town home, but someday a house would be nice).

- More kids (just not anytime soon!)

4 Restaurants I like

- California Pizza Kitchen

- Cafe Pierpont

- Olive Garden

- Market Street

4 Favorite TV shows

- The Office

- Lost (Seriously, when is it going to start up again???)

- Sadly, I used to watch the O.C. whenever I could catch it...I know, I am super cool!

- Biggest Loser

4 People I tag

- Jordan

- Jen

- Brooke R.

- Amy

By the way, can someone leave a comment and tell me how to have my list of friends and family update when they post something new. I see it on lots of blogs and have no idea how to do it. Help please!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover!

Okay, so it wasn't exactly an Extreme Home Makeover, but it was definitely the next best thing. Zacc and I bought our townhome from the original owners, so we didn't get to pick out any of the cabinets, carpet, countertops etc. The previous owners picked out mostly neutral colors and I didn't feel like we needed to change much once we moved in. We repainted the walls and laid tile, but I ALWAYS wanted to redo our countertops. I just couldn't justify spending a ton of money to have them done seeing as how I didn't mind them, but thanks to Brady George, now Zacc and I both LOVE our countertops!!! Brady does refinish work on all sorts of things (countertops, cabinets, and tile). The finished product looks awesome and it's suprisingly AFFORDABLE to have done. It was $300 for our kitchen and $75 for our master bath. I know, what a freaking steal huh? I wish that I could let each of you come and see it for yourself, because the pictures hardly do the countertops justice. Thanks Brady, you did an awesome job and we are so happy with the way they turned out :) The counters were the neutral color before and we had them redone in black.

To see more of what Brady does click here . Also, call Brady directly at 801-856-6519 rather than the number on the website. It's less expensive that way!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Let's get one thing straight...

-7 out of 10 African Americans voted in favor of Propostition 8.

-Roman Catholics, Evangelists, Mormons, and Christians all helped to pass the Propostition.

-Of the group of 50 people defending the Propostition at the Protest on the Salt Lake Temple, the majority of them were not LDS members.

So, If there were several groups of people in favor of Prop 8 what I want to know is...why all the hate for Mormons? I can understand the group being upset that it passed, but why are they singling out the Mormons???

I was watching the news broadcast of the protest on the L.A Temple and it seriously disturbed me. One of the main advocates to ban Prop 8, Lorri Jean, who might I add, is a "lovely" woman who resembles the mom from GOONIES and THROW MAMA FROM THE TRAIN

was freaking out and said that for every person who helps them in their efforts to defeat Prop 8, even by donating as little as $5, they are going to send a post card with the donators name to President Thomas S. Monson. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME LADY??? She was such an angry, unpleasant woman.

I just don't understand their logic. At the protest on Temple Square there was a sign that read "Mormons used to be persecuted, now they are persecutors." Riiiggghhht, because being tarred and feathered and chased from your home in the middle of the night is the same as someone using their legal right to vote against something they don't believe in...Nice analogy genius.

I am so sick of people picking on Mormons. Why doesn't the media ever show or make mention of how much the LDS church helps out when others fail to step forward. Why doesn't the media show the missionaries who go to remote villages in Africa and dig wells and help build homes and provide medical assistance to those who need it most? Where the heck is the media for those reports...oh, that's right, the are interviewing the few mormons they can find who side with the gays and lesbians to make the LDS church look bad. Well guess what folks, I am getting pretty sick of it. After Obama was elected the democrats came out and said "Okay, let's all work together and not be enemies and just be okay with the election turnout." Oh, so that's how it works if your President gets elected, but not if your Propositions don't pass...I see. What is this world coming to? It seriously scares me for my kids and what they are going to experience in their lifetime.